Church Musician/Teacher and ECC

Here you can find info on how we are moving forward to strengthen OSL's ministries. There are two things, Church Musician and Early Childhood Center. Both will be discussed in our July meetings.


What is an ECC?
  • Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, you can learn about the Lutheran school's philosophy of ECC education with a click. 
  • Bottom line, it is a distinct program that focuses on a specific age group that includes preschool and extended care but extends beyond with other care programs as the congregation deems appropriate. 
Why is this feasible now?
  • OSL's leadership agrees that one of our clear strengths is our preschool program. We have great leadership in our school, the church loves our school, and our pastor is 100% supportive of our Lutheran education. OSL needs to plan so that we hand down our strengths to future leaders and generations.
  • OSL already has 90% of an ECC, we only need to organize and update our information and policies along with implementing the final 10%. 
  • The ECC will quickly become one of the main "faces" of OSL in the community to serve young families with God's Word. It is part of developing an outreach strategy.
  • It will unify the the church and school as we develop ways our school and church interact in ministry.
  • We understand who looks to our preschool the most from the community. We know our preschool prepares every child educationally and spiritually very well for their next step - elementary education.

Our grade school is in need of a part time teacher for certain classes (2/5 days). The Elders have funds that have been set aside for new ministry at OSL (see the resolution below that is moving through our boards for presentation to the voters in July). The working proposal is to use our set aside funds over a three year period to develop further and strengthen the music program in OSL's church and school.

Why a Church Musician?

For starters, see this blog post. Music is the most important element of a church and school next to the Word of God itself. Music takes what is learned in the curriculum and uses it all, math, reading, writing, discipline, and God's Word. It becomes part of the child's foundation for the rest of their life. In other words, learn music and you have a skill for the rest of your life. Music cuts across every generation and hands down God's Word and education.

For the church, music provides the major avenue of instilling God's word as we sing it and hear it together. A church musician will develop the music program of our school and use that program in our church. A musician will develop the adult choirs, children's choirs, play the organ and develop other musical opportunities to help the congregation sing even better than we already do. It will include the Sunday School, our school, and the church.

The DRAFT Job Description for Musician/Teacher

This job description is making its way through our boards and will  come to the voters assembly in July. Again, we need to have a teacher in place by Aug 1st to accomodate our 2013-2014 school year.


DRAFT Job Description
Position: Church Musician/Teacher 
Part Time, Possible Full Time
(If part time, expectations to be trimmed.)
Academic Year August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014

Position Overview:

Our Savior Lutheran Church is looking to lay the foundation for a church and school music program, working closely with the Sr. Pastor and Principal of our school. Responsibilities include direction of adult hand bell and children's choirs; worship planning; supervision of secondary/substitute organists, pianists and occasional outside instrumentalists for festival services; oversight of copyright compliance; related administrative tasks and weekly staff meeting. This position includes teaching music and other classes in our Lutheran grade school. The position reports directly to the Sr. Pastor in conjunction with the school principal.

  1. Bachelor's degree in music or related field preferred; however, a candidate with the equivalent in demonstrated skill, knowledge and experience will be considered. 
  2. Candidate should have a working knowledge of Lutheran theology and liturgical practice and should be experienced in planning liturgical worship and directing vocal and hand bell choirs.
  3. Demonstrate skill and competency at the keyboard, particularly organ and piano, and a working knowledge of other instruments.
  4. Elementary teaching experience in a Lutheran School is preferred, but not required. Teaching certificate\license expected, or willing to work towards fulfillment.
  5. Ability to work well with others and participate collegially with staff members, pastors, and congregational leaders.
  6. Awareness and experience in making worship user-friendly to members and those worshiping. Willingness to take our theology and rich traditions to the community in modern and creative formats.
Specific Expectations
  1. Plan and coordinate the parish-wide (including Early Childhood Center and Grade School) music program, providing leadership and resources for the other musicians in the congregation, including bells, chimes, other organists, etc.
  2. Teach 2/5 time in school. Church musician 3/5 time.
  3. Coach one sport per school year.
  4. Be the primary musician for all services and special services such as weddings and funerals. However, with the approval of the Sr. Pastor, coordinate an organ schedule for other organists from the congregation.
  5. Create, edit and produce all services (liturgical and blended in a liturgical context) or any program requiring music, in coordination and with the approval of the Sr. Pastor, using such tools as Service Builder, Creative Worship, and other resources that would prove beneficial.
  6. Select all hymns, liturgical music, and contemporary songs for services for review and approval by the Sr. Pastor. Meet with the Pastoral staff on a quarterly basis to plan worship and attend weekly meeting with the senior pastor.
  7. Schedule all choirs, ensembles, and soloists participating in worship working with current part time musicians.
  8. Determine and submit the annual budget requirements for the music program and administer the expenditures of the approved budget as well as develop third source fundraising opportunities to support the music program.
  9. Maintain the music library and supervise the maintenance of all instruments.
  10. Maintain professional competency by practicing, performing, attending continued education opportunities, teaching workshops or seminars, and reading professional journals.
  11. Develop and direct a children’s music ministry. Including but not limited to Sunday School, Pre-School, and Elementary School participants.
  12. Develop and work with VBS program.
  13. Recruit and develop members to be part of the music ministry.
  14. Schedule substitute organists/pianists and other instrumentalists when needed.
Possible Ministry Opportunities
  1. Possibly recruit and facilitate participation from all interested musicians within the community.
  2. Possibly develop a community music program. This may include music lessons and community choir.
  3. Possibly develop a student instrumental ensemble and prepare them to play in worship.
  4. Festival rehearsals for the hand bells/musicians as needed.

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