Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Sunday and Confirmation - March 29th 10:30

Preparing the Lamb - Preparing the Baptized - Confirmation

Preparing the Lamb
Palm Sunday begins the preparation of the Lamb of God for slaughter. The Lamb is a payment for sin. It begins the final week of preparation in the Christian Church.

She, Christ's own bride, preps the Lamb for the big feast.

Abraham about to Sacrifice Isaac
 Palm Sunday and confirming the baptized children of God, biblically, go hand in hand. The children have been preparing for years. Faithful mom's and dad's brought them to church for the preparation so that they could participate in the Lord's Supper.

Although Jesus was the one who marched into Jerusalem in preparation for His own slaughter, our children will not be slaughtered.

They don't need to pay for their sins. Confirming them on Palm Sunday is a memorable way to connect their continued participation in the body and blood in the Feast of Victory which Jesus earned with His own slaughter.

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