Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Ya! Prove it!

When were you ever 100% sure about something? Our life-experience teaches us that taxes and death are sure. It's April. When taking "write offs" the IRS wants us to prove them, usually with receipts.

How can you ever be sure about anything? It's the reason why so many of us struggle with insecurities, a low self-esteem, or outright terror.

There are times throughout our life when we trusted someone, but then found out they lied. Sometimes we forget things and don't follow through with things to which we committed ourselves. Then there are the times, when it's no one person's fault, things just go wrong.

What is amazing about the resurrection of Jesus is the amount of evidence that history, archeology, and many other sciences have established that provide plenty of proof that Jesus was alive after His crucifixion. Yet, our salvation isn't based upon what man can prove. Forgiveness and mercy is based upon what God said happened.

I Can't Blame Thomas

The bible is the historical account of God's actions on earth. Thomas doubted that Jesus rose from the dead. Who can blame him? He finally had his chance and Jesus proved that He was alive, still Thomas had to put his hand into Christ's side. Wow!

God knows we need proof. So in His mercy and grace He gave it to us in the historical records - the bible. His Word is complete and perfect and it still gives us proof that is better than what Thomas received. Thomas didn't receive forgiveness of sins when He put His hand in Jesus' side. However, you and I participate in the resurrected Christ in the Word-Given sacramental life. The sacraments are BETTER than putting our hands in the side of Jesus because in them He gives us forgiveness, which is the victory over sin, death and the devil!

He is risen!
He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Pr. Sell
Mt. 28:19-20

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