Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Dead Husband is the Living Lord

Christians and their pastors bring God's comfort and message that our Husband was killed. That's the Good News. He did it to protect us. To save us. To give us victory over sin, death and the devil.

The Groom of the Bride was mercilessly slaughtered. He didn't deserve it. He didn't do anything wrong. But someone had to do it. Only God could do it right. Jesus is the Groom and the Church is the bride (Rev. 19:7). The height of the glory of God is in His death.

Our Husband stepped in front of the Evil One (Mt. 6:13) to protect us from Satan's acerbic and wicked arrows of death. The Father condemned Jesus to hell as He poured out His wrath for the sin in the world and throughout history - then, now, and until the Last Day. Cross and suffering is the glory of every Christian.

Why, then, is Easter such a glorious day?

Because Easter is "in your face." The resurrection of our Groom is a victorious celebration. It is our, "I told you so!" It is when Christ's bride has the "right" to have attitude.

We have the right and responsibility to get into the world's face and tell people, "Oh yes He did!"

He did pay for your sins.

He did suffer eternal death for you.

He did crushed Satan's head.

The attitude is because of God's mercy.

He does forgive you.

He does give you peace.

He does give you the resurrection. 

He does give you His resurrected body and blood for the forgiveness of sins every time you go to communion. Today's church is about then, today and forever. Attending church is how He delivers His
gifts of salvation. Our attitude is one of grace, mercy and thanksgiving. We are not afraid to live our lives and serve where He places us. He makes us parents, children, neighbors, employers and employees. 

Easter is not only about the day that Christ rose from the dead, rather it is about our daily baptized life, where the resurrection is meaningful (Rom. 6: 3-4).  Our attitude about Easter is because of the work of Jesus. The death of the Bride's Husband becomes the life of the Living Lord. 

He is risen!
He is risen indeed! Hallelujah! 

Mt. 28:19, 20 

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