Thursday, July 4, 2013

Musician-Teacher and an Early Childhood Center - Strengthening OSL's Ministries

In my recent post about budget time, under "Blessings of the Unity of Our Church and School," I indicated that we are looking at two programs that we need to strengthen. Since we are pulling our budget together and need to approve it, we need to get these church and school strengthening programs in our budget.

Although it sounds like they are "new" ideas, they really are not, because,
  • OSL's leadership has been talking about these things for some time. 
  • The funding is mostly in place for both of these OSL strengthening proposals
  • They are making their way through our leadership and meetings and will arrive at the voters meeting soon.
Most Obvious Question: Why are we moving quickly? We need the teacher in place by August 1st.

Musician/Teacher and Early Childhood Center - More info and job description

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