Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Children are Sponges - Christ in Song

Our parents, as well as educators, know that our young children are like sponges. They soak up knowledge in volumes. It is the reason why in so many instances, as much as we try not to be like our parents, we are.

This is the wonder of God's creation. One educator wrote,
"When we talk about kids soaking up knowledge “like little sponges,” we’re talking about learning by osmosis (article here). ...It should give us comfort to know that we’re not responsible for teaching our children everything they need to move out into the world … the world is taking care of much of that job itself. However, it’s also a good reminder to pay attention to the nature of our family “environment,” especially as school gets underway and formal learning moves into the spotlight."
It seems that it confirms that which we all know, our culture injects plenty of teaching into our children's development.

This is nothing new. It's not a 21st century development. Children learn through their immersion into our families, our schools, our churches. It is for this reason that Lutherans grasp the wisdom of a child's development from the gifts of creation (Educational Psychology) - those First Article gifts of creation.

More importantly, for the Church, it is important to immerse our children in the culture of the church. Most children I know, did not have to go to school to learn to speak. They didn't have to pass their "first word"test for the proud parents to celebrate.

This brings us to children in church and why it is so important that parents tough it out during those tough younger days in church. God's calls you to raise your children. Moms and dads are the ones who first immerse their children into a culture. The question is, which culture are you going to give them? Entertainment is everywhere, but the culture of the church is only found in the sacramental life. It is a culture of forgiveness.

Join us for the resurrected Christ at Our Savior.

Pr. Sell
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