Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vigil - Waiting - Can't Sleep - Risen?

Easter Vigil Light as the Faithful Wait, Ponder, Meditate.
Will the LIGHT arise from the darkness?

When you're in bed tossing and turning, trying to go to sleep, you make the big mistake and start watching the light of your clock. You force yourself - no - you command yourself to fall asleep. But you don't. Your commandment doesn't work on you.

You open one eye... and look at the clock. Really! Only 2 minutes went by?

When we are waiting for something, especially when children are waiting for something, time seems to go by very,   v e r y...

s  l  o  w  l  y...

In the midst of our frustration when trying to fall asleep, the harder we try, the worse it gets.

Our lives are like that. The harder we try to get ahead, the further we fall behind.

When we think that our lives really depend upon our work, it drives us closer to Christ and His work of salvation. That's because in this sinful world, the harder we work, the further we fall from Christ.
Lamb's Blood on House Door

In our eternal world, faith in Christ's work grants us the perseverance to endure... especially when we don't want to... It is Christ's work and the forgiveness that flows from Calvary's sacrifice that endures.

So we wait for the victory. We are like the children of Israel, trusting the blood on the doorpost at Passover. Waiting, just listening to be sure.

Death passed over! The blood saved us. Even though we damned Jesus.

Beloved in the Lord, on this most holy night, in which Our Lord Jesus passed over from death into life, we are gathered here in vigil and in prayer. This is the Passover of the Lord in which, by hearing His Word and celebrating His Sacraments, we share in His victory over death. Amen.

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