Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fresh Start for Pastor Sell

Here we go! This was a subject line in an e-mail with one of the elders of Our Savior last week. This Sunday Our Savior will install me as her pastor. What an honor it is to serve you with God's Holy Word.
His Word and the sacramental life of the Christian is what brings comfort, peace, and unity in Christ. It is Jesus who gives the forgiveness that He earned in His perfect life as a sacrifice for our sins at Calvary. He gives forgiveness and His Holiness to each believer by faith, that is, when we trust in His work.

So this Sunday the Holy Ones of Our Savior will install her "new pastor." However, please remember that the Holy Ones of Our Savior are Holy by faith. Christ forgives your sins. My sins. My faith in Christ brings His forgiveness and holiness to me too.

In other words, the Holy Ones of Our Savior elected a poor miserable sinner. During Lent, we fully accept our responsibility for our sins. Yet we prepare to celebrate the death of God, the sacrificial Lamb upon whom our sins were placed. As I wrote in my acceptance letter to you,

Immediately upon making my decision, I offered up prayers of thanksgiving, repentance, and mercy. Prayers of thanksgiving for the innumerable blessings God gives through His creation and His holy Word: Prayers of repentance because Our Savior elected a poor miserable sinner to be her pastor. Prayers of mercy because only God’s death on the cross for our sins provides the mercy I need to serve Christ and His sheep.

Thanks be to God.
Pr. Sell
Mt. 28:19-20

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